Purchase Time

Your clients purchase time with a credit card or PayPal prior to scheduling conferences.

After time has been purchased, your clients will receive their password for scheduling conferences and participating in conferences. Email addresses are typically best for usernames.

You set your own business rules such as:

  • Minimum time period, such as 1 hour, 30 minutes, 15 minutes, or other.
  • Hourly rate with discounts for large purchases of time.
  • Corporate accounts can purchase large blocks of time which are assigned to a corporate group code and group password.
  • Corporate users schedule conferences and participate in conferences using their personal username, group code, and group password.
  • Usage logs can be maintained and automatically sent to your clients.
  • Credit cards can be processed through your own account or by Confer.Video.

For more information please email us at ConferVideoInfo@OTTStreamingVideo.net.

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