Secure Video Conferencing

The underlying technology for Confer.Video is WebRTC, which provides end-to-end encrypted video, audio, and data transfers for 1:1 peer to peer (i.e. browser to browser) communications.

When using advanced features such as group conferencing and recording, a media server may need to be employed. For secure group communications and recording, the media server should be located in a secure data center and managed by qualified and security audited personnel.

Although there are several high quality public video conferencing services available, many organizations require sensitive information to be hosted on internal private servers and managed by dedicated company personnel. A partial list of examples where online communications may need to be managed internally is shown below. Please consult an attorney in your jurisdiction for legal advice.

  • Medical patient records are regulated by HIPPA.
  • Financial transactions are regulated by the FTC.
  • Credit card transactions are regulated by PCI.
  • Attorney-client communications are regulated by The California State Bar.

Since many of the “free” online service “scan” online communications (e.g., it maybe prudent for organizations to manage online communications tools on company owned and managed servers.

Please contact us for more information, including consulting services for installation of Confer.Video on your private and secure servers.

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